The Moment of Your Physical Death

Aether the 5th Element
Aether the 5th Element

BE in the NOW moment
Your 'lower mind' is part of the 'matrix' (and there are many overlays at the same time).

It is truly essential to let go of all the attachments: be it programs, be it people, be it desires from the flesh. 5D or whatever -D is also part of the 'matrix'.

Your true heart energy has all to do with this. When you 'operate' through your Spirit you simply ARE (in your true heart-space).

While still in this body 'decide' where you want to BE, how you want to BE and you will be recycled in a less controlled 'matrix', more organic one, but still in a 'matrix'.

The Moment of Your Physical Death rather the NOW Moment
I feel this is crucial in your moment of death rather the NOW moment. Do not go into the (white) light tunnel, because you will be recycled into (one of) the 'matrix' again. BE totally at peace in your true heart space and dare to BE in the dark void: the only thing which can be beneficial for you is holding your true heart longings in your heart in the moment of your physical death.

Realize that all your total body parts (including the energetic ones) fall back and merge into the elements they derived from: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Aether. And the True You can decide to go Home (again).

mascha roedelof
Deze column mag vrij verspreid worden met Bronvermelding
masęha 2019

The energy is 'up' people: this old game is over and it is a choice to breath it all in again and go home eventually. Another 26 000 yrs cycle? I feel we can even go beyond that and go truly home.
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