Welcome Home
Column written in 2013 in Dutch 'Welkom Thuis' and because this is of course still true today I repost it here translated into English
Welkom Thuis in het Nederlands

Being and reflecting the light on the New Earth
It is already more than 3 years after the 'magical year' 2012. I find in myself that it is more and more important to stay close to myself. I am grateful that since especially 2008 up to this 'magical year' I worked out the illusions, temptations and distractions, so now I can almost smell them from a distance. And still sometimes an illusion overwhelms me and thus I go along with it yet again for a while. At the beginning of the first quarter of 2012, I wrote that I have the feeling that we would be overwhelmed further in the year 2012 with temptations and distractions. The temptations and distractions that you go along with, mirror the illusions that still are working in you. 2012 was a sobering year for many people because even more illusions got seen through.

Magic Time
This is a very magical time. Precisely because of the disillusionment. The New Earth does not come from outside. The New Earth is an aware inner choice. Only partly the New Earth deals about Awareness. Yes of course you make your choices based on awareness. But awareness itself does nothing. Awareness IS. It is the inner realization of the New Earth that brings a change in you and therefore in the New Living Together.

2012 already took place, even before 2012. 2012 is an individual process of awareness. The ones who Live from adult awareness, in them 2012 has been manifested. These ones live in the NOW, have no past anymore and the future is in no way to be seen anymore. That is what I feel that the Maya predicted and it is this prediction that is explained incorrect entirely.

New Earth
Those in whom 2012 is manifested, take in naturally a new 'position' on the New Earth. There will be new technological discoveries, new features will arise, new (far more sophisticated (as in: profound)) treatment methods, new ways of living together, new freely available means of exchange, new forms of relationships, etc. And all of this is Already visible.

Being the Light
I already walked my path of gaining awareness. My wisdom is available stripped of from the illusions and entanglements. I Live the New Earth Already. I created a vacuum myself by letting go of what no longer served me and I moved on. I'm done with the old. My inner world is 'magically' changed because I made my steps one by one in beauty. Not knowing where the steps are leading to, I continue this way on my path.

I Am the Light. Live the Light. I take everything from myself into the Light. I Am Home.

I wish you a welcome Home!
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