Perceiving and Living The Organic Earth
Column written in 2010 in Dutch 'De Organische Aarde Leven' and because this is of course still true today I repost it here translated into English

New Earth - Original Earth
New Earth - Original Earth

De Organische Aarde Leven in het Nederlands

Perceiving and Living The Organic Earth
It is my observation that if you accept your responsibility for a fulfilled happy life, no longer searching outside yourself, you will naturally co-create the highest that’s possible for yourSelf, Humanity, and Mother Earth. As within, so without. Chaos within manifests chaos outside. A fulfilled human being manifests in co-creation a fulfilled world. You are a strong, clear and pure transformative force for the greater good if you co-create from Universal Love. You will naturally make more and more, lighter, Life-Giving choices on your life path and this has an healing effect on the world around you. But this does not mean that there is no chaos in the world anymore. It means that you do not create more chaos in your world anymore and that you let go of the chaos outside of you, especially in your personal connections (relationships, partnerships, restrictive and burdening (money) systems) as much as possible and that you protect yourself against chaos from outside. Once you connect from your Source(power) to the other and to the ‘otherness’ you yourself don’t create any more chaos in your world. This way you co-create as an aware awake human the organic living together’. That is a natural consequence of growing in Being aware (present).

The evolution of Mother Earth and Humanity has arrived at the point that we are granted and are able to live Life in her full Awareness. We may and can accept our birthright (again) in ourSelves.

The Organic Earth
The Organic Earth is the Original Earth. We live in the Natural World in which all are supported. Poverty and other societal issues are of an old, deconstructing, constructed paradigm, which is dying. We ARE the bridge to the Organic, the Original, Natural World in which All Are Invited. No one is excluded, nor left behind. All Are Included in the Organic World.

The Organic Earth is not a place. The 'movement' to the Organic Earth IS the transition. But this is not an outer 'movement': this 'movement' is an inner one, you are 'moving' inner. Perceiving the Organic Earth, is a choice from your inner self. You can only experience the Organic Earth when you decide that you want to perceive her, and you no longer let yourself be distracted by illusions (which does not mean that in you there are no illusions anymore). Do you let yourself be touched by the resonances of the Organic Earth?

The Organic Earth Life
The Organic Earth Life is an inner realization based on an inner choice. It can be quite sobering to Live the Organic Earth. Here all the stories and illusions are seen through and they ask to be released. Nothing to hold on to anymore.

Once you Live the Organic Earth then in yourself everything will come to the light that withholds yourself to Live and to let Life Live, to let flow.

Your Soulpath
Your experiences in this life and, if this appeals to you, past lives, can lead to all kinds of limiting beliefs (thinking patterns, ideas, assumptions and concepts) and behavioral patterns, that work as blockages (survival-, protection- and defense mechanisms). These blockages have physical, emotional, mental, and / or spiritual imbalance and disharmony in you as a result. Then it is important to find the cause of this imbalance and disharmony. So that you begin to see where (by) the obstructing convinces or rather: illusions (although very true for you), arose. You can then check, in an aware way, whether this obstructing belief still fits you well, where it still serves you, and if you want to hold on to it any longer. As a result of clear understanding the illusion in you dissolves automatically.

Fearful emotions
Perhaps you do not realize that because of certain habits and thoughts your life energy withdraws itself. If you look at yourself in an aware way when you do not feel happy in yourself, you can trace back the feeling to its source. You might for example do not know why you feel anxious until you find one day, that a certain thought from your subconscious caused that you always felt that fear.

You can feel in yourself at what time you are in small thinking. You feel a curtailment of your energy field. This is not right or wrong. It is what it is and helps you identifying from which paradigm you perceive your world. “Small” thinking is based on time, space, separation, disability, gender, and illusions: in short, duality. You recognize small thinking in yourself by constantly thinking in yourself what you must do, how far you have to travel in order to do that, which people are involved, what limitations you may encounter, social issues and many other illusions. This way of thinking reduces your life energy and prevents you to be able to observe the impressive reality that lies just beyond your limiting perceptions.

By consciously acknowledge and recognize the emotions that arise from “small” thinking you can learn to let that kind of thinking go. At first you do not realize that you are thinking on a time-bound, little fear-based way. However, you are well aware when you are nervous, anxious, depressed, angry or sad. These emotions are your keys.

From the Source
Don’t ask yourself who or what is causing these feelings, but check in yourself which thought produces a specific emotion and/or feeling. Look inside yourself to your own way of thinking to find the source of your emotions instead of the illusions of the world around you.

You are invited to step fully in your drama, your story, to the very roots of it: what message lies in it for you? The embracing of everything that lives in you, all the beautiful and less beautiful, makes you Free of inner conflict and leads to Liberation of your (Sexual) Life Force Energy and Joy. No longer is your Life Force Energy and Natural Being Joyful, swallowed due to inner struggle. Because you no longer experience inner battle, you neither meet any longer outward battle outside of you. As by nature you are ok then (by which I do not mean that you can no longer feel deep Soul pain and Soul indignation) with everything that is taking place around you. In your inner or outer world you will not fight it anymore. You no longer cre-ate stories in your head from the illusionary layers of what occurs. You take the reality as it is, without a story. The reality is as it is.

From my perception you chose for this Earthly Life to become aware that you have experienced all the workings of duality and are allowed to embrace them. There is no difference (in the sense of value judgement) in right and wrong, power and powerlessness, light and dark, love and fear. In you everything is allowed to Be. Once you let go of all the (value) judgement, you also let go of the separation in yourSelf, and thus the separation from the other and from the bigger whole. You are now allowed to make an aware and powerful decision to lovingly embrace all your drama, all the illusionary layers. Let your drama be what it is. In the sense that you do not have to give energy to it. When you see through, deeply, how the illusionary false layers are created around you, you can right at once go through them. Which does not mean that you no longer receive triggers from the illusionary layers, but you do not need to do anything with them anymore. You just do not need to fight them. Where in yourself you still have inner conviction, you automatically attract this into your life. Observe what comes into your life, into your reality, and if in it lies inner struggle in the form of tension, stress or charge, then experience them. Embrace yourself with love with everything that is in you, with what is real. Experiencing this reality, without fighting it, will naturally bring you to unconditional love for yourself so that you will be more and more in contact with your powerful unique independent essence, your Divine Self, your Source. You will see through that the essence of Liberation is: embracing the obstacles on your life path. This frees your space and attention for your Divine Self. From here you can Freely Be, as source power.

The Organic Earth is already here and waits for you!!

We Are All Invited and We Are All Connected
We Are the Flower of Life

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We Are All Invited and We Are All Connected
We Are the Flower of Life
The Source of Love

The Source of Love
This is one of the most incredible pieces of spoken word I've ever heard, the words, his voice, the marriage of the two is pure magic, shivers and tears

But the smile upon your lips
And the light about your face
Tell the story of the earth
And that story
Is a story of life and wonder
That story is written on our bones
For us to read
Again and again
As we drop into the peace of the world
And the light of remembrance
Unfolds in hearts
Crafted from the dark, sweet soil
and sung into life
by the endless voice
Of the source of love

The Source of Love
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