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Tijdsbeleving en het beleven van Plezier
In 2007 schreef ik de column 'Nieuwe Tijd' waarin ik mijn ervaringen beschrijf met 'tijd en de versnelling van tijd' en ook mijn beleving met 'wat in het NU gezien wil worden (collectief) en dat het NU de tijd is om dat wat oud is in jou onder ogen te komen en te helen, zodat er meer Plezier in jouw leven kan ontvouwen.

Nu bijna 10 jaar later is mijn tijdsbeleving verdiept en ook de beleving van CYCLI waarin we als mens (over)leven en bestaan... zolang we de betekenis van 'cycli' niet doorleefd hebben.

Zolang je niet doorziet wat er ten diepste speelt in het Yoniversum / het Grotere Geheel, kun je niet onderscheiden wat jij in je EIGEN LEVEN kunt transformeren van waaruit je andere LevenGevende Keuzes maakt... en waar je aanloopt tegen de werkelijkheid in het NU-moment.

Plezier beleven blijft daardoor een relatief oppervlakkig iets en niet vanuit je Wezen beleeft maar vanuit een oppervlakte buitenlaag niet gegrond in de werkelijkheid van het NU (vergelijk met de 'alles is licht en liefde meme).

Oprechte Vreugde
Vandaag is er in mij een diepere Realisatie waarvan ik niet per se blijer en vreugdevoller wordt. Wel ten diepste bewust van Wie 'IK' Ben in samenhang met het Grotere Geheel en dit WETEN geeft ruimte aan diep gevoelde Rust en Innerlijke Stilte en Oprechte Vreugde.

Threshold coherence?
Yesterday I came across this statement and it doesn't matter who is stating this because its not about the human its about the message...

" threshold coherence has been reached by sufficient numbers, so the trailing bell-curve population doesn't stand a chance against the implied societal change. One coherent person vibrates the field more strongly than millions of incoherent persons"

The Field of Mother Nature
But this statement is false when you comprehend that a person can only 'vibrate the field' up to 69 hz (cycles per second) and that for only short periods of time, because it's the 'high level emergency state'. Prolong it and people are drained of all of their energy, get sick, have heart attacks, strokes, become insomniacs, contract cancer, etc., etc.

We have 5 States of Consciousness / Rates of Energy. 1) Delta at 1-4 hz for deep sleep, 2) Theta / REM at 4-7 hz for smoothly transitioning between Delta and 3) Alpha at 7-13 hz. Then there's also 4) Beta at 13-30 hz ONLY for low level emergencies and 5) Gamma at 30-69 hz - ONLY for the high level emergencies. People aren't designed to live at high level emergency state (or higher) all the time, because the first 3 states / rates also double as our Circadian Rhythms / Life and Growth Cycles. They give our cells the unique paces at which to do everything - natural.

'Higher vibrations' New Age nonsense
The idea that people can have 'higher vibrations' is New Age nonsense, told by scammers to people who are ignorant of how their own Biology best operates.

The elite can just sit back, and produce and sell everyone their frequencies and just laugh while the entire public continues to FRY themselves and erroneously believe they have more power over electrosmog but the truth is they certainly have not.

They're being scammed by New Age bullshit instead.

Do you know how your own energy works and how to create?
If they learned how their own energy actually works, we might then have a chance, as humanity, to unplug all together now before we're ALL toast. But that isn't going to happen while everyone remains ignorant.

People who want to co-create don't even know how their own energy works. And much more the energy of the entire Infinite Cosmos.

When people use their energy wrongly people die and in the end everyone proves they did NOT know how to co-create their own bodies. Nothing has changed in this respect for about 10.000 years. They keep using the same old method that's been repackage for every age and it ALWAYS fails.

When people talk about being a creator creating all they need in life I always ask if they can create an apple or an arm or breast out of nothing in the NOW moment.

In the reality of the now people can NOT do that. Still people 'cure' themselves from diseases like cancer using 'mind over matter' which they learn from people like Bruce Lipton and others.

We are here on this planet to re-generate
We are here on this planet to re-generate but most of all to know who we truly are. Yesterday I came across a post of a facebook friend of mine saying she is considering 'euthanasia' because life is to hard for her (no she is not a weak person on the contrary) and she can not handle the pain anymore. She is consciously considering leaving this planet. So the 'self-healing' did not work for her. And I do not feel she is doing something wrong but what she is saying is a signal of the current society making people sick to death.

When disaeses come from inside people can cure themselves when they understand what caused the unbalance. I love the insights given by German New Medicine and also 'Cancer the Raw Truth' is providing us health benefits.

But when the cause of the disease is coming from outside of us its something totally different: we ourselves are not capable of healing ourselves from the damage done by chemtrails, modified food (look at plants), microwaves, WIFI, and all this shit...

We must realize that WIFI pings upon us at the cellular level. As well smart meters and microwaves do... And chemtrails of course...

We ourselves can do something in our own environment not to use WIFI, smart meters, and microwaves... Or at least turn your WIFI off before going to sleep.

All electrosmog is damaging our cells and our Mt DNA particularly which is the only source providing our life force energy.

For complete re-generation we need to immerge in Mother Nature totally.

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