Ego Mind

Healing the Ego Mind
Healing the Ego Mind

Ego Mind
Our ego mind is our so called 'lower mind' and contains all the programs and stories we told (tell) ourselves (and others as well). Our ego mind is disconnected from Source.

We need to heal our ego mind so we can go beyond it into our 'higher mind', our true organic mind (mind-heart-gut) and reconnect with Source (again). Or rather our 'lower mind' and 'higher mind' are (re)connected again, healed, wholed.

So I am not saying that we need to get rid of the ego mind, the 'lower mind'... nor that we need to get rid of the ego, because that is simply new age bs. Our ego is a wonderful tool the moment it communes with our 'higher mind', heart, and gut: simply do not seperate them anymore.

Mind thinking universe(s) rather multi verses
Free your 'lowere mind' from all the beliefs, programs, let go of all the attachments which include people as well... and eventually go beyond the 'lower mind'.

We live in a 'mind thinking' universe: this universe (and other more organic universes as well) is a mind thinking universe.

We can be recycled in this universe / this 'matrix' or in another one / less controlled and more organic (like an organic living together / existence money): the choice is ours on a deep conscious level through our heart space.

Use your mind, which is your imagination, wisely.

Especially in your moment of physical death.

mascha roedelof
Deze inspiratie mag vrij verspreid worden met Bronvermelding
(Geschreven op 31 januari 2019 en opnieuw in 2020 opgenomen vanwege actualiteit)
mas©ha 2020

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