Safe yourSelf

You only can Safe yourSelf
You only can Safe yourSelf

True Awakening
This true awakening is absolutely about us, not about 'God' or a divine intervention. When there would come a divine intervention they will NOT accept the state humanity is in now! True love means that there are healthy boundaries set. So that will have its implications!

A majority of people want to be saved from outside. But that will not happen. It is truly about us humans to safe ourselves.

The true hope are we humans self: people have so much power because we are the many. When we fall into the traps of divide and rule, races, religions, politics without Unity we won't make it.

Heal the duality triangle
It is aboslutely needed to heal the duality triangle and move beyond. As a humanity. Otherwise we would not have growned in our awareness and consciousness and it is truly about that. We as a collective can STOP the shit, unbalance, and disharmony caused on Earth (and beyond) and this starts within our own lives.

Frequency rising?
I have seen lots of posts the last days about frequency rising and people having physical (emotional, mental, spiritual) symptoms. But are you aware of the profound dirt in our sky and foods, the use of weather weaponery, G5, microwaves, WIFI, solar panels, etc. etc. that are coocking you? Those are causing the symptoms. Your Soul is being bombarded by those frequencies and due to this is more and more disconnected from Source. People become more and more dumb and numb, not aware in the moment and cause all kind of incidents (including shootings). That would be due to frequency rising and becoming more aware and conscious? There is absolute no logic in thinking! in this direction. There is another side to this though: we people need to BE(come) responsible for our own thoughts and behaviors, including our own energy management. The veil IS becoming thinner so when we are not aware in the NOW moment we can cause an accident, etc.

Safe yourSelf
There is no reason for a halleluja mood people. Nobody and nothing is coming to safe us. This is all up to us humans. The idea of 'frequency rising' is another new age distraction: we even need not rise our frequency, we need to become more aware and conscious (so not even rise in our consciousness... rather deepen in our consciousness).

And from a place of a deeper awareness and consciousness we ourselves will stop our contribution to the shit. That will not be enough to STOP this shit on a global scale. And we need to realize that, because that is the reality of the now.

So we need to become fully clear and aware in ourselves. BE(come) aware and conscious in our own creator being, very still, very aware what our own intentions are and choose wisely in our lifetime Šnd in our moment of death.

Use as less WIFI as possible, no microwave, no smart meter, etc. No vaccinations. No allopathic drugs. Do not beLIEf what the media tell you: also not what the so called 'alternative' media tell you, because nothing is what it seems to be. The 'elite' bloodlines are at war with each other and they try to convince you that they are draining the swamp and they are your savior, but they are not: they do not give a thing about humanity including you. They do not care about our living togetherness.

Connect with your inner most core as much as possible and check your mind, your thoughts, your behavior... Šnd most important your intent.

Try to stay in you center, in your own beingness. Pull all your energy (and Soul Aspects) inside yourself and do not give it away to all the shit that is happening. Breath deeply into your belly.

All is within you, all you need to know is within you and you are the only one who is able to unlock your information, your codes. You can ask your Soul and Spirit to unravel your codes for you.

And imagine with intent the world you want to thrive in. Stay with this: especially in your moment of physical death.

mascha roedelof
Deze inspiratie mag vrij verspreid worden met Bronvermelding
(Geschreven op 3 februari 2019 en opnieuw in 2020 opgenomen vanwege actualiteit)
mas©ha 2020

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