Free Spirits Co-Creating the 'New'

Free Spirits Co-Creating the
Free Spirits Co-Creating the 'New'

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Beloved Free Spirits
(Via de link vind je de column 'Het Spel gaat verder...', die in 2010 in het magazine 'Spiegelbeeld' is gepubliceerd)
Let's not create new definitions nor expectations or divisions relating to 'sacred femininity' and 'sacred masculinity' and what we need in this NOW moment on Earth.

How can 'sacred femininity' be not divine and empowered... how can it not have a warrior aspect, it can not be... And it is found in both wholed wombman as in man... Like 'sacred masculinity' is in both wholed man and wombman also.

I would rather say we need wholed people in which their 'sacred femininity' and 'sacred masculinity' is balanced without externalizing energies and powers outside themselves.

We must stop tooling wombman and children but truly connect with them and what they have to bring on Earth, and this includes man as well... without any division.

Free Spirits
It is time to go beyond all 'old' definitions and divisions, programs and patterns. So also beyond the division 'female' and 'male' and innerstand our essence of sexual energy (and I am not talking about transgender stuff which is another distractive tool to keep us outside ourSelves).

We only have expanded ourselves externaly from the first outbreath... So from the first outbreath we projected ourSelves outwards becoming lesser and lesser our Organic Natural Selves.

Time to contract ourSelves and breathe all of our fractals in again...

Co creating the 'new' game
The 'old' game is played to the end. We can not expand ourSelves any further. The 'new' game is co created by Free Spirits and she is ALREADY here in the NOW.

Read the column 'The Game goes on...'
(I wrote the column back in 2010 and it was published in the magazine 'Spiegelbeeld')

mascha roedelof
Deze Inspiratie mag vrij verspreid worden met Bronvermelding
(Geschreven op 28 april 2019 en opnieuw in 2020 opgenomen vanwege actualiteit)
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Luister Column in het Nederlands

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