Protector of Real Life stops the abuse
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Pure Joy
Kom tot Vervulling en Geluk in Jezelf
Pure Joy
Kom tot Vervulling en Geluk in Jezelf

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When you are a witness of any kind of abuse do you stop and break through the cycle of abuse in your own life?
Any kind of abuse I am talking about: be it abuse by our 'govts', big pharma or religion... be it in (partner) relations... be it (ritual) child abuse, be it abuse of animals and / or mother nature, etc. etc. Does the abuse stop with you?

I, as a woman, am a feminine warrior and you, as a man, are a male warrior. The warrior archetype is in ALL of us: in both female Šnd male... We are whole humans (we are not half), so the warrior archetype is from us both!

Beloved Free Spirits
Let's not create new definitions nor expectations or divisions relating to 'sacred femininity' and 'sacred masculinity' and what we need in this NOW moment on Earth.

How can 'sacred femininity' be not divine and empowered... how can it not have a warrior aspect, it can not be... And it is found in both wholed wombman as in man... Like 'sacred masculinity' is in both wholed man and wombman also.

I would rather say we need wholed people in which their 'sacred femininity' and 'sacred masculinity' is balanced without externalizing energies and powers outside themselves. Wholed humans know from lived through experience that we need not rise in our frequency (vibration / tones / colors) but unfold all our frequency (vibration / tones / colors). Like we need not rise in our consciousness but expand in our consciousness. It is all about calling home all our Soul-aspects in communion with our Spirit.

Both 'you need to rise in your frequency' as 'ascension' are new age either illusionary programs and keep you stuck within this 'matrix' overlay.

We must stop tooling wombman and children but truly connect with them and what they have to bring on Earth, and this includes man as well... without any division.

Free Spirits
It is time to go beyond all 'old' definitions and divisions, programs and patterns. So also beyond the division 'female' and 'male' (and I am not talking about transgender stuff which is another distractive tool to keep us outside ourSelves).

We only have expanded ourselves externaly from the first outbreath... So from the first outbreath we projected ourSelves outwards becoming lesser and lesser our Organic Natural Selves.

Time to contract ourSelves and breathe all of our fractals in again...

Co creating the 'new' game

The 'old' game is played to the end. We can not expand ourSelves any further. The 'new' game is co created by Free Spirits and she is ALREADY here in the NOW.

Read the column 'The Game goes on...'

(I wrote the column back in 2010 and it was published in the magazine 'Spiegelbeeld')

The deepest protection is in our organic living together
It is all about our togetherness on Earth: feeling deep joy in simply living together on Earth with all living beings. First we thought that this profound joy was recognazible in people but we found out that that is not the case otherwise people would have regocnized themselves in our work, but they didn't. For the individual child it doesn't matter if the impulse is overshadowed by all the indoctrination or whatever other reason.

So the child needs protection.

Living together needs Her own protection.

True Joy protects what She finds precious!

If you want a better Living and Thriving on Earth (which is the organic natural Living Togetherness and is ALREADY here for those with eyes to see and ears to hear), you can't lie to the Self. Your Spirit won't lie. The state of the Planet won't.

Taking ownership is the foundation of 'saving' ourselves.

Know Thyself, then act to 'save' Thyself (I-in-We)

This is not something you must achieve in the (far) future

You ALREADY know Thyself, your pure Essence, from within. So act from there and co-create a True Living Togetherness on the New Earth. You ARE that 5D interdimensional BEing ALREADY... Or are you waiting for some event in the (far) future?

BE in Pure Joy simply because you ARE on this Mother Planet as a Human BEing.

With so so many others.
Can you feel the Real Joy simply because of this?

Ben jij een beschermer van wezenlijk leven en de volgende generatie?

Of wijs je met je vinger om iemand anders verantwoordelijk te maken?

Als je getuige bent van welke vorm van misbruik dan ook, stop je dan de cyclus van misbruik in jouw eigen leven? Ik praat over elke vorm van misbruik: zij het misbruik door onze 'regering', big pharma of religie... zij het in (partner) relaties... zij het (ritueel) kindermisbruik, zij het misbruik van dieren en/of moeder natuur, etc. etc. Stopt het misbruik bij jou?

Ik, als vrouw, ben een vrouwelijke krijger, en jij als man, bent een mannelijke krijger... We zijn hele mensen (wij zijn niet half), dus de archetype van de krijger is in ieder van ons!

Via deze luistercolumn kun je luisteren naar de Nederlandse vertaling van de column 'Free Spirits'

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