2013 - my Wish for 'the World' proclaimed in the Field
My wish for 'the World' proclaimed in the Field

The essential question is: how do we want to live together on Earth, this beautiful spaceship called Mother Earth? And acting on your deep felt longing.

What we perceive nowadays is:
- The transformation that's needed on Earth is so very big, you cann't overlook that really.
- No 'IT' is very very small, that's the point: one tiny little bit in every human being needs to flip over: from I WON'T share entrance to life together to I WILL.

Perceiving from life-entrance, it is only one tiny little step coming from an inner choice, coming from WHITIN every human being. And precisely thát is the reason why you feel it so big. Because everyone has 1001 things to hold on or to react on. It's everyone themselves who are placing 'it' outside themselves.

The one who recognize the deep longing in Self to live together from life-entrance, stands in thé Circle of Life. The way you share life-entrance is to everyone themselves. The filling in is to yourself. The possibility to share life-entrance is there for everyone. But almost nobody lives from life-entrance. That has to do with the choices everyone makes. Not with something outside of you. It has nothing to do with The Powers That Be. Yeah too, but not really.

For 2013 I wish all the foundation of the Lifecircle. That foundation starts in you, in everyone of us.

For inspiration a playlist (partly in dutch and in English)

mascha roedelof
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