Abundance IS and does not need to be created nor attracted to you
Written in 2010 and this text is still actual in the Reality of the NOW
Overvloed IS en hoeft niet gecreŽerd of naar je toe gehaald te worden column in het Nederlands

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Abundance IS and does not need to be created nor attracted to you
Its a BIG error telling people they are doing something wrong, they did attract money shortage themselves, they have not yet healed enough, not yet trusted enough (on Existence, Universe, Mother Earth, or whatever they MUST DO BEFORE experiencing Abundance) when they are experiencing money issues in the Reality of the NOW: people are experiencing money issues because the OLD money is from the matrix and the expression of shortage, control, power over, government (not governance), legal rules (which are unlawful of course), divide and rule, etc.

Beyond the matrix
The matrix is ALREADY totally seen through, lived through, and cleared in the collective. But is not cleared yet in the psyche of most people (and this is the timeloop some are talking about). Their is a choice to make in the NOW to truly live together: to have the focus on our living together and live together from the Truth of Life which is the Principle of Life, which is Abundance IS and does not need to be created nor attracted to you... Since years the old money is ALREADY transformed.

Illusionary ideas
Still, or perhaps right now, money is surrounded by taboos, itís thought of only as means of power and control, it is found shameful if you are in need of money, and is money limited to taxing one another physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc. These illusionary ideas lead to much frustration in our living together. That is such a shame, because it can be so very different from the heart, the essence of Abundance...

Perhaps the most important illusionary idea is that you think your life will only be great if you can attract sufficient funds to you. That you need all sorts of tips and techniques to create abundance for yourself (the secret for example). That you're doing something wrong because you are not experiencing abundance in your life. Because it is you who is unable, for whatever reason, to attract enough money to you. You can then feel guilt or shame, because you experience lack and shortage in your life (because of a substantial deficit). By looking outside yourself to abundance you give away your ownership over your Free Life, and your own way of experiencing Life and celebrating Freedom. The realization that you are abundance that you are Source Power, is the basis of a satisfactory and mature way of experiencing abundance and connect from there, as a true sharing/connection/exchange, with the other.

What do you pass on to the Next Generations?
You can only give from your Source what you have recognized and acknowledged in yourSelf and thus really have adopted in yourself. From Source Power you will make lighter and more life-Giving choices for yourself. If you have acknowledged yourself as Source Power then you donít compromise and you will not settle for anything less than what you truly deeply desire, especially in living unburdened freely together. As an energetically Free Human, you would like to connect with other energetically Free Humans. You then naturally desire deeply to support each other and really embed each other in free living together. Feelings of lack, jealousy, and dependent behavior are no longer needed. You just donít know these things anymore. Not because you have transcended yourself above these feelings, nor because Ďthey are allowed to be just thereí (but yes: that too: these feelings are allowed to be there). No, it is because of the real new experience, the essential (em)bedding of each otherís free Living, that these feelings are just not there anymore.

Giving each other unconditionally embedding... embedding in a free Living together, that is what is needed. Then all outward projecting stops and then you can heal. Healing is a direct result unconditional embedding each other in an unburdened living together. Then you will also be able to see that it is about living Life (instead of coping and surviving), and enjoying Life... Enjoying the Beauty of Life in a true connection and sharing with yourSelf, others, and nature. You discover that you are abundance...

Recognizing and acknowledging your Source Power
Do you want your life energy to flow freely, without feeling burdened? Do you want to enjoy your life energy in a wonderful way while itís tingling in all your cells and enlivens you passionately? Do you want to feel yourself an energetically Free Human? Do you want to be able to experience that you are Free energy and that you are abundance and a co-creator, as long as you are physically alive (and thus not need something first to attract to you, for example money)? How will your life be if your entrance to life is given to you without any burdening and if you can also give this to another person? When you can live your Heart Dream in an unburdened and unobstructed way?

Does your inner Self feels a resounding 'YES'? Then read the texts from Free and Unburden(ed)(ing) living (not all in English) on my website instead of a success and/or money workshop and 'learn' how you can come from a new paradigm to look at the 'old'. You will receive insights and inspiration to really be able to stand in the new. Thus, you can ignore at once all the causes of feelings of deficiency. Even (very young) children intuitive feel that the reality of the NOW is differently and by that experience feelings of shortage: which are, perceived from the reality of the NOW, CORRECT. Direct Free Access to Mother Earth, Her resources, and each others talents are robbed. This is fact! Dealing with this is coping with this... you need coping mechanisms to deal with this fact. Confronting yourself with the reality of the NOW frees you on many layers. Except on the financial one, because you will only experience FREEDOM on this layer also when the deepest robbery is corrected or dissolved.

As soon as the gap 'abundance IS but in a 'robbed state' is dissolved we are able to flow freely in alignment with the Universe that is our deepest Soul / Spirit Being. This organic flow is undermined collectively now. We ARE Free Energy and meant to flow in FREEDOM.

All the layers of pain and suppression will be purified at once. You will receive insights and inspiration to have closure on the 'old' at once, and go for the 'New'. You will receive insights and inspiration on how to Be supportive to each other, Embedding each other. If you want to. Via The New Earth Life Academy from the New Paradigm, which is homeschooling, you will receive in-depth information too.

You will discover how you can recognize, acknowledge and experience your Source Power (again). You will discover the total connection with yourSelf as Source Power. You will discover how you are Source Power. You will discover how you, as Source Power, will be Giving embedding to Free Life. If you can Reach out from Source Power, then you celebrate Free Life as an energetically Free Human. This will touch deeply all aspects of your life. Step by step, at your own pace, you will as Free Human make more lighter and more life-Giving choices. You will then experience your life more and more as (en)Light(ening) and loving in a free flowing of Freedom and Pleasure. You will manifest your Life from Source Power along with others who also feel this desire from their Source Power.

Living Together from Free and Unburden(ed)(ing) togetherness, is providing each other from source experience an embedding to go into the new, together.

While reading the texts from Free and Unburden(ed)(ing) life on my website you will be taken to the meaning of Freedom, unburdened living together, unconditional entrance to life and the deep meaning and source power of unconditionally embedding each another. You will receive insights and inspiration by which you can investigate your transition-opportunities in your life and you can investigate how you can be a supportive embedding to each other in the transition-phase.

If you, after reading the texts Free and Unburden(ed)(ing) living together, wish to apply this in your life and you want support on this share with others, with the ones in your own lives / surroundings. Elaborate on all the information which is made available through the above mentioned texts and websites and foremost apply the information in your own life: I myself am no longer available for support because it is all up to humanity itself now.

When you want to learn more from this Awareness please go to the website 'We Are the New Earth' which is all English

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The Secret, money workshops and success workshops that teach you how you can attract money and success to you, are leading you from an outside story. These techniques are based on the principles of lack and anxiety.

It all can now be totally different. This is what you can read via the texts from Free and Unburden(ed)(ing) living on my website. What a relaxation this will give in your system if you dare to be touched by the awareness from Free and Undburden(ed)(ing) living together. Enjoy it...
I have made texts and insights from free and unburdened and unburdening living together freely available on my blog 'We ARE the New Earth', my daughter website 'Het Gekruide Pad', and also via the texts, insights, and columns on my website Het Bewuste Pad. When you want to value my texts and insights, I invite you to express your valuation by contributing to my free existence.