Mother Inside (Searching for the Mother Inside)
We are Spiritual Beings having (material) experiences on our beautiful spaceship Mother Earth

I had my meditation after a session with a client at january 5th 2009 to say thanks to healing energies.

I felt so open and gratefull. Many Souls of not-born-yet children who helped during session were still there with me and the energy of the angels too. The world was blanketed in virginal white cloth of snow. Sun was pouring clear bright rays to the Earth. I meditated 'listening' to beautiful music the Nataraj from Osho...

I felt like the womb of Mother Earth and I prepared myself to receive the seed of the Cosmic Father. I tilled my land and poured out water over my land. I felt like Mother in a tantric connection with the Father. We were in silent Unity with each other... Then He poured his impulses in me while we both were in perfect surrender of Being... glorious and joyful silent Being... with and in each other. In a profoundly deep Connection I received His inspiration... so many potentials... and I... I created and created... Beautiful geometric figures through which flowed so much Love... Potentials were created penetrated with Love, energy fields of potentials which are available for you and yes, also for you! For all of us...

I felt deep healing of the Mother. After ages She felt the profoundly deep connection with the Father again and finally She could receive His Loving impulses in Her Heart again. She had missed these inspirations very much. She had missed this impregnation so deeply. She longed for it so deeply for her field to be worked on and to be watered. And the Father is rejoiced that His inspiration, His impregnation is received finally again.

We Are All Invited on this Planet Mother Earth
Love you all

mascha roedelof
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