Real Love and Sex(uality)
There are so many aspects in Real Love. Real Love for your cat, baby, an adult daughter or son, friends, family, your tribe you live in, your collegaes and co-creators , and your sexual partner(s) or that very special life partner.

Their is still such discord and distraction of Sexual Energy, which is your Life Force Energy, Prana, Chi, Intu´tion, Soul, Spirit: all in the Universe(s) exists because of this Sexual Energy. But the label 'Sex' is still so loaded because most think (because of indoctrination) that 'Sex' is related to physical sex and that's untrue.

Real Love is never in limitation because Real Love is coming from your inner overflowing Well. Real Love for your baby makes you deeply connecting with your baby, but there is no physical sex involved. Jet there is Sexual Energy involved.

In a true co-creation your passion is involved, which is your Sexual Energy and your Real Love is involved... but not necessarily there is physical sex involved.

Real Love is twisted also. Many think they are Real Love and overflowing from their Well, but in fact are in deep need...

Life sharing is the (co-)creational power of life. This is a true sharing and connection in equity and equality. No need to give more then to receive... Why? In making deep spiritual love there is an exchange of (sexual) life force energy and Real Love in equity and equality too!

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