The One Programming rule - Existence Money - Bestaansgeld
Free Life-entrance is our birthright

Normal Living Together on Earth in Communion with Mother NatureThe One Programming Rule - Existence MoneyBecause you ARE Welcome on Earth
Normal Living Together on Earth in Communion with Mother Nature
The One Programming Rule - Existence Money
Because you ARE Welcome on Earth

The Gift is IN the Awareness that We Welcome Each Other in our Midst
In our Normal Living Together on Earth

The profound meaning and implications of Existence Money

It needs to be addressed again
Labor (your life force energy) and free access to life unconditionally are not interrelated in any way. Very important to address this correctly and to let this sink in in the deepest level of your awareness. Via the workshop Ďvier het Vrije Leven, Jij en het Leven als BronkrachtĎ (text in English: Abundance IS) Iím pulling you through your inner duality triangle. Thatís needed because otherwise you will (unconscious) drag the old into the new. And all collective problems are from the old. This you will understand after youíve passed through the workshop. Its absolutely not needed to attend the workshop since ALL awareness from 'free unburdened and unburdening living together on Earth' is freely available (see the text below this article).

Free access to life unconditionally
Free life entrance unconditionally is our birthright. This is an inner awareness which you recognize in yourself as truth (about Life, so you understand this isnít an idea or something of your mind). The moment you recognize this awareness, you will start to claim your birthright. And you start communicating from this awareness to yourself, your (direct) surroundings, and you will develop discernment in what truely comes into being from a free and untaxed living together and what not.

The One Programming Rule - Existence Money - Bestaansgeld
The One Programming Rule is a compensation! of the reality that free life entrance is occupied (as a result of laws and rules, our current taxed paymentsystem in debt and so on). The monthly amount is a compensation, a restoration because of this fact and has nothing to do with labor/work in any way possible.

The monthly amount (euro 750,00 - 1000,00) is a compensation because free access to life is stolen from you. So itís your birthright to receive this monthly amount unconditionally and you donít have to DO (no labor/work) nothing in return. This is very important to comprehend. Of course you can (and probably will) contribute your talents (your life force energy) to our living together. But not on demand, but from free will in any way you like/wish. Thatís big difference.

The moment you comprehend this awareness on your deepest core you automatically start sharing life entrance and start keeping life entrance in a shared state. From this awareness you will be able to govern yourself. No longer you accept governments to power over you, to rule and lead you. You are perfectly capable to lead yourself.

From this moment on you will comprehend that representatives are there because to facilitate your choices: so you start to plead for your birthright which is a free untaxed living togetherness: you start to plead for The One Programming rule (which is the monthly amount you need to be alive physicly).

No more waiting
From this moment on you will Embed the Transition, because you will understand thereís no waiting (for politics, governments etc.). You start to share life entrance yourself. And the way you do this, you do it.

As soon as The One Programming rule, today we call it Existence Money, is implemented everyone in the Netherlands receives free access to life unconditionally. From that moment on a totally new situation and life-experience is created on Earth by which embedding of the Transition is done. Of course we can implement The One Programming rule, Existence Money, globaly so that every living Human Being on Earth receives free entrance to Life unconditionally (read also meest gestelde vragen, die gesteld worden aan de Levenscirkel).

No poverty
From oneness consciousness we KNOW that physical poverty doesn't exist, because there's no duality from oneness: we can restore physical poverty within one day with The One Programming rule. All dual problems will dissolve from a shared living togetherness.

What a relief and relaxation you will feel bodily and energeticly when you dare to let sink in deeply the awareness from living together from a shared togetherness. Enjoy this!

What this picture says is that you are the economical value of money. Your life force energy is the counter value of money. Not gold, silver, or whatsoever.

And your economical value can be created out of nothing. Costs nothing.

Money is transformed for years already (but the transformed money is refused by our govts: they still refuse to do their jobs and facilitate us in our living together on Earth.

What about YOU? Are you READY?

Verdieping vanuit Vrij en Onbelast(end) samenleven is vrijelijk beschikbaar gesteld via teksten op mijn website'.

Je kunt jouw keuze om vanuit Vrij en Onbelast(end) samenleven gewoon helemaal zelf maken. Daar heb je geen ondersteuning bij nodig. Als je behoefte hebt aan iemand die met je meekijkt in wat er allemaal gaat omvallen in jouw leven zodra je voor Vrij en Onbelast(end) samenleven kiest, dan ben ik beschikbaar voor je.

Via mijn blogs geef ik je zicht op de eenvoud en vreugde van samen leven vanuit gedeelde levenstoegang. Ook laat ik je zien wat velen nu doen en denken vanuit de verwarde en verstrikte psyche in plaats van levenstoegang in gedeelde staat te laten. Hierdoor krijg jij handvatten aangereikt, waardoor je meer en meer het onderscheid in jezelf gaat (h)erkennen in wat samen leven vanuit levenstoegang is en wat niet. Je bent van harte welkom te reageren op de teksten van mijn blog nadat je je hiervoor aangemeld hebt. Ik wens je veel leesplezier en inspiratie van de teksten op mijn blog. Daarnaast heb ik de The New Earth Life Academy from the New Paradigm ontwikkeld en vrijelijk beschikbaar gesteld als homeschooling.

Mijn YouTube kanaal waar ik verschillende playlists toon, waaronder Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) en Transformational Breathing

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