True Protection is IN our 'normal', which is the organic, living on Earth

True Protection is IN our organic living on Earth
True Protection is IN our organic living on Earth

Make your life a journey of protecting the innocence of the Next Generation
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From an 'empty self awareness' people pass on the 'old patterns and programs' and many 'receive' projects in which kids are used as a tool (working 30hrs in a home for elderly in exchange of a shelter for example) as a 'step ahead'. People 'receive' this as 'learning to comprehend what is going on in the world' and 'learning to do something for each other' and that 'doing something for each other' is the 'new', the 'normal'.

While also when the child chooses (you choose) 'to do nothing for the other' the child (you) simply is (are) welcome on Earth: the child (you) are already here, but pushed out the equation (this is true for all of us since our direct free access to Earth, her resources, and each other is robbed from us!). Those kids are ALREADY welcome, also without doing 30hrs labor (compare with a garanteed-income in exchange of 20hrs labor a week).

Furthermore people still think that people FIRST need to solve the 'old' in themselves BEFORE they can live 'normally' together. While 'going' IS the life-experience, is the process, by which the 'old' in your psyche is revealing itself to you, And nobody needs to fall back in circle-thoughts nor behavior, because the path is already walked / disclosed.

The meaning of 'Each Other'
The meaning of 'Each Other' is still veiled in the psyche of most people...

Most people recognize 'I' 'you' 'we' and/or 'they' I and you' 'we and they', but not yet 'I-in-We'...

The profound meaning of 'Each Other', 'Together', and 'I-in-We'
We are 'inter-in-dependent': we need each other for the unfolding and building of the 'normal' living together on Earth which is the organic living. So not as in 'canalizing each others life force energy and inner powers or 'being strong together', but the profound / essential 'each other' as in mutual equality in 'circel-connections' and BEing on Earth in togetherness.

I in We Healing is beyond the I, the individual (healing and empowering).

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