Organic Living Togetherness on Earth in circles

Reciprocity - Giving ánd Receiving
Wederkerigheid - Geven én Ontvangen

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Organic Living Together on Earth in circles
Back in early 2009 I envisioned a community. I felt I wanted to create a local community in a little village called Nieuweroord (Newer Place translated in English). I wanted to co-create a place where people could find everything from conception to death in one place.

Then I realized... that ALL is here already... the only thing we need to do is to connect them differently and put back in our midst what is robbed from us: natural abundance IS and we let her in her own free state.

So then I started to envision a global free community... an organic living together on Earth. A 'New' Earth which is the Original Earth. We live in the Natural World in which all are supported. Poverty and other societal issues are of an old, deconstructing, constructed paradigm, which is dying. We ARE the bridge to the 'New', the Original, Natural World in which All Are Invited. No one is excluded, nor left behind. All Are Included in the Organic World. The 'New' Earth is already here.

We do not create poverty and the current problems anymore: our money is already transformed in Existence Money.

The only thing missing in our midst is the foundation called existence money. You could say Existence in Abundance too.

A true giving ánd sharing...
Economics of Certainty

Existence in Abundance
Reciprocity - Giving ánd Receiving
Wederkerigheid - Geven én Ontvangen