Living in Circles

Organic Living Togetherness in circles
Organic Living Togetherness in circles

Nederlandse vertaling

Organic Living Togetherness on Earth in circles
We place human beings in the midst of our living together (not a system). Many people know by now that the system is very sick and in their opinion should be replaced.

I agree that the 'old' / current system is very sick, I do not agree that it should be replaced though by another SYSTEM.

The choice to make is to let go all SYSTEM thinking and SYSTEM solutions (to begin with in your psyche) and look from the HUMAN self. We humans do not need to be steered, controlled, play divide and rule games and power games. What all begin in the moment of pregnancy (and even before that).

We as HUMANS need to flow(er) and thrive freely in our own lifeforce energy, to create and co-create as inter-in-dependent beings... or rather just simply Live (in stead over surviving in a SYSTEM).

A supporting 'government'
It is not the job of the 'government' to implement a new SYSTEM, since all SYSTEMS make unfree. The job of the 'government' is to facilitate our normal / organic living together. By doing so the pyramidal model has to dissolves (departments, royal house, social welfare, police organization as a power-over tool, taxing office, etc. etc., will dissolve or has to transmute).

Living Together on Earth in circles, in which we are focused on HUMANS (not a SYSTEM).